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Will Pat Sims see some snaps this week with Thornton injured

Dave looks into the future with the Bengals defense. The secondary is, by far, our best looking youth movement, in terms of talent, on the verge of having very good depth. I believe our linebackers are solid, and are growing, in terms of solid foundation; though Dhani Jones has performed above my expectations this season leading the NFL in tackles.

However, the defensive tackles. John Thornton is playing his final season, and it's not likely the Bengals sign him back. Lewis also told us that Jason Shirley is having a "redshirt freshman" year, while he concludes his legal obligations.

Pat Sims is close to getting snaps on the field, having dealt with injuries that hasn't given Marvin Lewis confidence just yet; however, Lewis has said that Sims will be getting snaps, and he's excited about it too. On Wednesday, Pat Sims injured his thigh, but felt better as the week went on. With John Thornton suffering an injury to his achilles this week, Sims could start seeing snaps against the Jets.