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Open Thread II - Bengals @ Jets (Game #6)

Bengals 14, Jets 17 at Half Time.

Fitzpatrick: 10/14, 76 yards passing and 13 yards rushing (leads the team)
Perry: five rushes, four yards
Benson: two rushes, one yard

T.J.: five receptions, 33 yards
Chad: three receptions, 31 yards
Utecht: two receptions, 12 yards

Dhani Jones leads the team with five tackles.

Favre: 13/16, 75 yards passing, TD

Thomas Jones: seven rushes, 35 yards, TD
Washington: four rushes, four yards.

Cotchery: four receptions, 33 yards
Coles: five receptions, 24 yards
Washington: three receptions, 16 yards
T.Jones: one receptions, two yards, TD