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Palmer remaining in New York, seeing Specialist

If you missed the post-game interviews on the "Bengals Radio Network", and most likely you're fed up with enough Bengals stuff for the day (if not week, or in many cases, the season) to really care what the players are saying after the game, then a small nugget came out that may be of some concern.

With Dave Lapham, Carson Palmer said that he will be remaining in New York to see a "specialist" that works for the New York Mets organization. Palmer, told that his injury is common with pitchers, elected to follow the advice of the training staff to have his injury examined by seeing Dr. David Altchek.

We're not exactly sure if we should read into this more than a simple examination to confirm the team's diagnosis. However, remembering the team's more memorable injuries (read: Chris Perry, Peter Warrick), or simply realizing that they struggle to reduce the weekly injury reports, we're thinking that Palmer seeing someone else is a good thing.