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Take a flier on Michael Bush?

Chris Perry has 253 yards rushing through six games (42.2 yards-per-game) while sporting a 2.6 yards-per-rush average. He's fumbled six trillion times and his pass protection is, well, it's hardly "protection". Cedric Benson, on 14 rushes through two games, is averaging 2.6 yards-per-rush. Ironically, he touched the ball six times less than against the Cowboys -- even though the team told us we'd see Benson more this week.

The Pro Football Talk boys (by way of a Charley Casserly report on CBS), write that the Oakland Raiders are shopping running backs Justin Fargas or Michael Bush (just one of them). If the Raiders are asking for little (like a 7th or 6th round pick), would you take a flier on Bush? Michael Bush has 47 carries this season, recording 202 yards and a 4.3 average. He recorded a 32-yard touchdown during the second week against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bush, mostly known for his junior season (2005) at Louisville, rushed for 1,143 yards on 204 attempts, scoring 23 touchdowns. Until he broke his leg early in 2006, he was considered a preseason candidate his senior season, projected as an early first-round pick if he decided to leave school early.

I have to add the following, otherwise others won't realize that we know the obvious: The Offensive line stinks run blocking.