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NFL Pro Bowl Voting Has Opened; Any Bengals?

The Polls have opened. The NFL is accepting votes for the 2009 (irrelevant) NFL Pro Bowl. Not to mention that we believe it's a bit early to conduct All Star balloting with only six games (of 16) in the books, but at least football doesn't conduct their All Star game with half the season still be played (see every other major professional sport). Then again, one could argue that the Pro Bowl is played when some players have been through for nearly a month, and are hesitant because of injury or worn out after the playoffs.


But it got me to thinking, who would be the best candidate for the Cincinnati Bengals. Let's examine.

Quarterback. Well, Palmer is nearly a wash to the season with an injury that many suspect won't go away until the off-season.

Running back. You're kidding, right?

Full back. Who?

Tight End. Ben Utecht signed a deal this off-season that would give him $187,500 per game. Based on that super-scientific study (dividing 48 games with $9 million), Utecht has earned $1,125,000 through six games (in truth, only five due to injury, but he's still paid). So, with each reception, Utecht has earned $125,000. The point here isn't the money (though I found it interesting). It's that he has nine receptions through six games.

Offensive Line. Memo from Levi Jones. Out to lunch.

Defensive Line. I've actually liked Domata Peko enough this season to consider it. In truth, he's played well as an individual -- all things considered. So the question is: Is Peko one of the best defensive tackles in the league? I like him. But it's not close.

Linebackers. Dhani Jones still has a firm hold as the leading tackler in the NFL (61), on pace for 161 tackles. If he keeps that pace, he has a shot. But until he makes bigger plays, some behind the line of scrimmage, at this rate, I don't think he makes it. And in truth, I don't know how many leading tacklers in the NFL get automatic consideration. If he records a few picks, a couple of sacks, then who knows.

Cornerbacks. Leon Hall has performed valiantly against some of the league's best receivers during the absence of Johnathan Joseph -- who, after one game, had me wondering if he could be a Pro Bowl corner. Now, Joseph really has little shot and unless he blows up the NFL with interceptions, he's out. Hall, on the other hand, is the team's best corner at this point. But at this rate, I just don't see it.

Safeties. Chinedum Ndukwe, I believe, is the team's best shot at a Pro Bowl. He's getting recognition around media circles, and acquiring the statistics that lazy voters (I mean mostly the media) pour over -- like the AP voters polling college football rankings.

Sacks Interceptions Tackles
G Sacks YdsL Int Yds IntTD Solo Ast Total
2008 - Chinedum Ndukwe 5 1.0 11 1 12 0 25 7 32

Who do you think, if anyone?