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Tuesday morning links and notes -- Palmer not likely for Tommy John Surgery

John Clayton writes that Palmer will likely avoid Tommy John surgery, but writes that "there is a problem."

The problem, according to a source, is that the elbow is inflamed. It's not the ulnar nerve, which would require Tommy John surgery to repair. Coach Marvin Lewis said the team will take a conservative approach in treating the injury and will let Palmer rest the right elbow until it's safe to play him.

Fans are planning a walk out against the Eagles (November 16) and a banner to be flown over Paul Brown Stadium that reads "Step Down Mike Brown" against the Steelers (this Sunday) from 11:00 A.M. until Noon. Fans are selling their tickets, and quickly.

Yet, through all that, Lewis takes responsibility when asked, "How much responsibility do you and should you feel for the fans and season ticket holders who are so upset right now?"

"One hundred percent," Lewis said. "I know they want to win just like we do, and that's the fun of it. They're passionate about it — maybe not quite as much as I am, but that's good. They want to win just like everybody in this room wants to win.

"Everybody wants to win, and I'm sorry they're disappointed. So am I. But unfortunately, that's where we are right now. But hang on; they could see something special here. We've got a ways to go, and we'll keep working to turn this thing around."

The Bengals need to tackle better on the perimeter.

The team is going to try new things (scheme and personnel) to hopefully get a spark on offense.

Chick Ludwig is probable for Sunday's game against the Steelers.

Bengals are back to setting the standard for misery.

Since franchise founder Paul Brown died before the 1991 season, the Bengals have started a season with six losses far more times than any other team. It's the sixth time in those 18 years that they've done it.

The Bengals also had notable 0-for starts in 1991 under coach Sam Wyche (0-8), in 1993 under Dave Shula (0-10), again in 1994 under Shula (0-8), in 2000 under Bruce Coslet, who quit halfway through an 0-6 start, and in 2002 under Dick LeBeau (0-7).

Bleacher Report asks which team is more likely to go 0-16; the Bengals or Lions. They pick the Lions. Though it's hard to accept that a quarterback that rolls out to the right, through the back of the end zone as the passer of a team that will win their first game. Furthermore, what offensive coordinator calls a rollout pass at your own one-yard line. There's Bob Bratkowski. And then there's the Lions play-calling.

However, Ken Broo doesn't think the Bengals will go 0-16.