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Wednesday Morning Links and Notes

Well, Houshmandzadeh wasn't traded (was there any reason to suspect he would be?). However, I'm not sure that it wouldn't have been a good idea; especially with an offensive unit that really needs to think about rebuilding from the ground up.

I personally blame everyone, from Mike Brown down.

Ludwig writes that the offense will improve against the Steelers because they're going to be up-tempo, the passing game will be used more, and letting it lose because, at this point in the season, we have nothing to lose.

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory says:

“It is very important that we continue to support the Bengals, even when they are having tough times,” he said. “They need our support more than ever. So I don’t know why you guys are giggling and laughing.” (in response to titters from a couple of the reporters) “I’m very serious, OK? I support our sports teams. We have to support our sports teams.”

“You know what? What did you just say? You said there will probably be more Pittsburgh Steelers fans at the game than Bengals fans. What does that say? It says that Pittsburgh fans continue to support their team. We’ve got to support our team. We absolutely have to support our team. There is just no doubt in my mind about that. No room for negotiation as far as I’m concerned.”

Polls for Mallory's re-election (whenever that is) just plummeted.

The Bengals are kicking off a new program to encourage kicks to exercise.