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Friday Morning Links and Notes: The Bengals rival, is the Bengals.

The Steelers are not a rival; we're division foes, but not rivals. To be a rival, you have to at least show up and threaten to be competitive, win a few games even. The Bengals have won four games against Pittsburgh in the 21st century. No, this isn't a rival game. This is an extended practice session for the Steelers. The Bengals, during the 21st century, including the playoffs, are 4-13 (.235) against the Steelers. The Bengals haven't beaten Pittsburgh in Cincinnati since Decmber 30, 2001.

Date Result Location
12.2.07 L, 10-24 Pittsburgh
10.28.07 L, 13-24 Cincinnati
12.31.06 L, 17-23 OT Cincinnati
9.24.06 W, 28-20 Pittsburgh
1.8.06 WC L, 17-31 Cincinnati
12.4.05 W, 38-31 Pittsburgh
10.23.05 L, 13-27 Cincinnati
11.21.04 L, 14-19 Cincinnati
10.3.04 L, 17-28 Pittsburgh
11.30.03 W, 24-20 Pittsburgh
9.21.03 L, 10-17 Cincinnati
11.24.02 L, 21-29 Pittsburgh
10.13.02 L, 7-34 Cincinnati
12.30.01 W, 26-23 Cincinnati
10.7.01 L, 7-16 Pittsburgh
11.26.00 L, 28-48 Cincinnati
10.15.00 L, 0-15 Pittsburgh

I think it's noble that Palmer is trying to find every reason to return this season. But as time and opinions go by, it doesn't appear likely... and a majority of people support shutting down. Palmer said, "Monday I found out some information that I wasn't expecting. I'm just trying to get as many opinions as I can," Palmer said. Still, he hasn't made up his mind yet.

Even though the Bengals are close to being on pace for having the best defense during the Marvin Lewis-era, Mike Zimmer isn't happy. "There was about six tackles last week that we should have or could have made that could put us into a different category. One was on second down, but all the rest of them were on third down."

Big Ben donated $8,000 "for the police canine unit" to the Oxford Police Department.

The difference between the Steelers and Bengals is deep, writes the Chickster.

Pittsburgh hired a smart football man — Kevin Colbert, the club’s director of football operations (folks, he’s really the GM) — to work with the head coach to bring in the right players.

Cincinnati’s owner and president, Mike Brown, refuses to hire a GM. He’s given his daughter and son-in-law, Katie and Troy Blackburn, more power. But he’s still the guy pulling all the strings. And you wonder why the Bengals have had only one winning season in 18 years.

I. Love. Sienna Miller. (h/t WDR)

This weekend will be another Steelers home game.

I love Andre Caldwell's confidence -- and I hope we get to see him plenty on Sunday: "I feel like I've got home-run ability and that I can put up six points for us. I feel like I can actually take it the whole way with my speed."

The following is not for those that just want to rip everything Bengals. However, Ludwig makes a point that the defense has actually been a bright spot.

Mike Zimmer on Pat Sims (who impressed the hell out of me against the Jets): "There were some positive things. He showed some strength, tried pretty good and had some quickness. But let's not put him in Canton yet."

John Clayton writes that scoring is up, because holding calls are down.

Is it too much to ask that the mayor of Cincinnati worry about the financial hell that the region is suffering, rather than promoting the team's totally awesome 0-6 record?