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Sat. Afternoon Links and Notes -- Pre-game Steelers Week

The best Steelers blog on the net (and I'm not saying that because we're coworkers), writes ten things they hope to see against the Bengals (you'll note, it has nothing to do with winning simply because everyone associated with the Steelers -- and a majority of those associated with the Bengals -- have no reason not to expect the Bengals winning). writes about some matchups of interest. does the same.

Leave it to a Pittsburgh newspaper to twist the story about Chad's ineffective season.

Willie Parker won't play Sunday, writes a Louisville Kentucky site.

Based on how Glenn Holt is feeling Sunday morning, Andre Caldwell could take over kickoff return duties against the Steelers.

Doc supports shutting Palmer down.

The Football Expert, using the existing records as the draft positions, mocks the draft with the Bengals picking Ole Miss Offensive Tackle, Michael Oher. They compare Oher's ability to immediately contribute to that of Joe Thomas -- and talk about his versatility to play both tackle and guard.

So the Toronto Argonauts took a flyer in Reggie McNeal as a wide receiver -- and third string quarterback. McNeal says of the prospect of playing quarterback next season:

"They told me I'll be back under centre next year," McNeal said yesterday, outside the Argos' practice facility in Mississauga. "That's where I want to be and why I came to play."

Right. McNeal choose them rather falling into a desperation category to remain relevant in some form of professional football.