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Open Thead II: Steelers @ Bengals (Game #7)

Fitzpatrick: 12/18, 99 yards, TD
Benson: seven rushes, 25 yards

Chad: 5 receptions, 30 yards, TD
Henry: 3 receptions, 44 yards
T.J. 3 receptions, 20 yards

Ben Roethlisberger: 12/21, 130 yards, TD
Moore: nine rushes, 37 yards rushing, four receptions, nine yards receiving -- 46 total yards.

Holmes: 4 receptions, 72 yards
Ward: two receptions, 37 yards


After the Steelers converted a Touchdown and Field Goal in two of the first three possessions, the Bengals defense forced two three-and-outs and another punt with starting possessions at the Pittsburgh 44, 48 and 35 yard line.

The Bengals, after five straight three-and-outs to start the game, convert a 14-play drive that spanned 92 yards for a touchdown that took 4:48, leaving :36 on the clock.

Other notes.

The Steelers' James Harrison has a sack, but has disrupted much, much more. With rushes that forced Levi Jones to appear totally incompetent, Fitzpatrick was forced to make horrible throws. Most of which came on third down forcing a punt.

Chris Perry has no rush attempts.

Keith Rivers left the game with a jaw injury after Hines Ward popped Rivers on a block. Rivers' replacement, Brandon Johnson is leads the team with four tackles -- including a tackle on Moore that lost yards on third-and-short.

On the Bengals touchdown drive, Fitzpatrick completed eight straight passes to start the drive -- completing nine of ten on the drive including a five-yard TD to finish the half.