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Thursday morning links and notes -- Benson impressing

While Chris Perry was limited Wednesday in practice, Cedric Benson took a majority of the team's snaps at running back.

Bobbie Williams on Benson: "It's kind of weird seeing another No. 32 jersey out there. He brings a different dimension that Chris doesn't bring. Kind of the same thing Rudi brought. Just like Rudi and Chris were two different backs. I like it. I like what I saw with it. I think it's going to be good for us."

Jim Anderson on Benson: "He's a bigger man than Rudi. We've had a lot of downhill guys here. I think you have to wait and see what you've got."

Bob Bratkowski on Benson: "We looked at him on film, we looked at him in the workout. He's got playing time. He's got running ability. He was a No. 1 draft pick, so there's obviously talent there. He looked good in practice. He had nice quickness and good feet. It's good to have him here. He looked in good condition (Tuesday), and he had good quickness. You can't get him ready to do everything. A set thing is OK if Chris gets hurt. You're going to do A, B and C and you go from there. You want a Plan B for the other stuff we do."

Benson (a changed man) will play against Dallas.

Adam Best takes it to the Cincinnati Bengals (not because of Benson, rather just being a bad football team).

...I'm not so sure the best football team in the Buckeye State isn't, well, the Buckeyes.

To make matters worse, the Bengals didn't even have Carson Palmer. You know, the former Pro Bowler. And when I say former, I mean former. Palmer should pull an Ocho Cinco and change his name, because he's obviously not the same quarterback he used to be. His replacement, Ryan Fitzpatrick, was even worse. Who is Fitzpatrick? He's tall, athletic and a Harvard grad. Uh, so is Barack Obama, but does that make him an NFL quarterback? Fitzpatrick was so horrific that his 44.1 QB rating was closer to his college GPA than his IQ. Good thing he has that Ivy League degree to fall back on.

Chris Henry is now practicing with the team. And he hasn't missed a beat.

Chad Johnson is back to talkin' (and this blogger says "GOOD!"): "Is this D-town?. Get up, get your pen, get your records, get everything you need to get, because I'm letting it rip. I'm not holding nothin' back. We 0-4. We [expletive] off. I'm [expletive] off. The players over here are [expletive] off. Somebody's got to pay. "I want you to tell [defensive coordinator] Brian Stewart that I love him to death, but somebody's got to get it."

Andrew Whitworth on why the Bengals offense is struggling: "The problem is that we can't get any momentum going. We're not executing drives. Getting drives started is the key, and we're just not doing a good job of getting them started."