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Jason Shirley's retrial set for October 29

Jason Shirley made his Tuesday court appearance to hear his retrial date. Shirley's jury motion is scheduled for October 14 with the jury trial date scheduled for October 29. The charges stem from an October 2007 DUI charge that ended in a mistrial in July. Shirley's lawyers attempted to delay the date until after the NFL season again; but prosecution denied the request. Shirley's lawyer is also claiming that the DA is making an example of Shirley. Charles Magill said that "Forcing Mr. Shirley to trial during the middle of his rookie football season is done and only done in an attempt to deter his right to make it into the NFL."

Shirley isn't expect to miss much time from the team because he's not given the chance to perform on the field anyway. Which brings me back to the team's drafting abilities and why would they draft someone to make them a project-type player when the group of defensive tackles we have are pedestrian at best. Anyway.