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Injuries with Bengals offense is, um, bad?

The closer we get to Sunday, the less likely it's becoming that Carson Palmer plays against the Cowboys. While Jordan and Ryan Fitzpatrick threw during passing drills, Carson "was dressed in pads with his helmet" but didn't participate Thursday. He made several short 10-yard pass and catches with the Bengals training staff -- which means Palmer is in serious trouble -- and ran drills when the team worked on the running game.

On the other hand, Palmer is convinced he's playing.

"Nothing's changed. I'm preparing to play. I'm expecting to play," he said. "I'll be a little bit limited in practice, but I'm getting as many reps as I can. It looks like it's going to come down to a decision later in the week. It's definitely getting better. It's progressing day-to-day. I just cross my fingers and keep praying and hope it keeps progressing."

Running back is looking bleak also, with Chris Perry making the running back trifecta with the team's third injured running back with a hamstring injury; DeDe Dorsey went on IR, Kenny Watson was out last week and hasn't practiced this week.