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UPDATE: Bengals led only 10% of the time in 2008

On Saturday, we figured (well, tried to) what percentage of the time that the Bengals had the lead during the season. What we failed to factor in was the 6 minutes and 17 seconds played in overtime. With that included, it still remains around 12% of the time.

If you factor in the 60 minutes in which the Bengals never had the lead against the Steelers, that percentage drops to 10%.

Chick Ludwig of the Dayton Daily News had 10 less seconds on his piece referencing the same thing using Elias Sporting Bureau as his source. After rechecking my math -- aka, using Excel spreadsheet formulas -- I had given 10 extra seconds. Instead of 43:30, that should be 43:20.

However, the subtracted 10 seconds proves minor, and the percentage of the season in which the Bengals had the lead remains at 10%.

  • I had to convert everything to seconds to get the percentage. The Bengals had the ball for 43:20, which translates to 2,600 seconds.
  • Like above, I had to translate the time played this season. I took all seven games and converted them to seconds; translates to 25,200 seconds. Then you add the 377 seconds from the Bengals overtime loss to the Giants, that comes to 25,577 seconds played this season.
  • Only games against the Giants, Browns and Jets apply. The other four games the Bengals never had the lead.