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More on Ward/Rivers hit, Caldwell down for a "few weeks"

As was expected, more people voted that Hines Ward's hit on Keith Rivers was not a cheap shot. Originally I didn't think it was either. But I've changed my mind based on a changing perspective. It was a legal shot, no doubt. That's not the question.

Like those crushing punt return blocks, where a guy cracks back and destroys a guy that's not looking, to me, is a cheap shot. It's legal, but it's also cheap -- the guy you're hitting isn't looking at you. We spend way too much time cheering those type of hits, when in truth, they're overrated, cheap and risk season-ending injuries. It's like a boxer talking to the crowd during the third round, and the other boxer gives him a left hook. In the end, you have to protect yourself, and be aware. But let's face facts, when a guy isn't looking and another blows him up, it's only bone-crushing because it's a cheap one-man hit. Give me two gladiators facing each other rather than a hunter with a decided advantage shooting deer. Give me a running back that punishes a safety, shoulder pad to should pad, best man wins. Give me a pancake block.

As a result of the hit, Rivers had his "jaw reset" Monday afternoon. He'll be placed on Injured Reserve this week.

Also, Andre Caldwell suffered a "slight stress fracture in his foot" and missing a "few weeks".