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Tuesday morning links and notes -- What of Chris Perry?

Not only is Cedric Benson taking over as the team's feature back, but there's suspicion out there that Chris Perry may have proven himself off the Cincinnati Bengals. Considering the team is winless through seven games, with one of the worst rushing offenses in the league, that doesn't sit well for his future prospects.

Hobson thinks he believes he enjoys watching Benson at work.

However, Chris Perry has been bothered by a shoulder injury.

James Walker, by way of Scouts, Inc., provides a blurb about Rivers' season.

"If you're trying to find something positive in Cincinnati this season, it has to be the play of first-round pick Keith Rivers. Rivers has played mainly on the weak side in the Bengals' 4-3 system, but might be best suited as the MLB that could hopefully stabilize the interior run defense that's been missing since Marvin Lewis took over head coach. He has three-down value based on his size and quick-twitch athleticism but plays only on first and second down, which indicates to me that he's not real comfortable in the system yet. Meanwhile, he is a big, physical linebacker who is learning how to play on the second level in regards to his key and reads. He can bend and attack downhill gaps with good knee bend and leverage. He has good functional strength with explosive hand use but must be more consistent in his stack-shed while getting off blocks. He has the speed and quickness to close on ball carriers, extend to sidelines and make plays in space. He is a strong open-field tackler. Any time a rookie misses a substantial amount of time due to injuries it obviously hinders his development as a player. But from what I've seen, the Bengals will definitely miss their first-round pick, especially his play-making skills within their system.

Glenn Holt will likely return this week against the Texans.

The biggest disappointment this season has been the offensive line.

Don't you love I told you so pieces? Though it grows increasingly hard to be a fan -- and I'm the idiot that reads and writes about them every day.

After the NFL saw the third head coach fired during the season, some are now looking at Marvin Lewis and Rod Marinelli as the next one's to go.

A list of free agent offensive linemen in 2009 (via

Matt Birk
Marc Colombo
Mike Goff
Jordan Gross
Mark Tauscher


For obvious reasons, Palmer's favorite place is Hawaii.

Palmer is out Sunday against the Texans.

Even though the UC Bearcats are undefeated in the Big East (well, after one game), sporting a 5-1 record, they aren't ranked right now... for good reason. “We haven’t beaten anybody really that has any marquee appeal to it,” Kelly said. “Rutgers is a really good football team but they were 1-4 or 1-5 at the time. You’ve got to beat quality teams to get ranked in the top 25. We haven’t beaten anybody yet. I think we’re right where we should be.”

This weekend they play Connecticut (5-2, 1-1), who have suffered back-to-back losses on the road to North Carolina and Rutgers. UConn will be eager to win a Big East game, at home, where they've won 10 straight games -- the last team to beat UConn at home was the Mark Dantonio Bearcats on November 25, 2006 (26-23).

After UConn, UC hosts #16 South Florida (6-1, 1-1), head to West Virginia (4-2, 2-0) and Louisville (4-2, 0-1), host #17 Pittsburgh (5-1, 2-0) and Syracuse (1-6, 0-3) before finishing the season at Hawaii (3-4). The game against South Florida will be a Thursday night game on ESPN.

Dave Curtis gives the Bearcats a long shot to winning the Big East.