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The Texans can't put teams away?

The Houston Chronicle's John McClain was on Cutman's show this morning, talking about how the Houston Texans tend to not put teams away. So, I was curious.

After getting blown out against the Steelers and Titans, the Texans led the Jaguars 24-20 with seven minutes to go in the game. David Garrard took the Jags 62 yards on 13 plays to score a touchdown at the two minute warning. When the Texans scored a field goal to send the game into overtime, they never saw the ball again; losing by a Josh Scobee 37-yard field goal.

On the following week, the Texans had a 20-10 lead heading into the fourth quarter over the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter and the Texans lost by four points.

It would seem to us that not holding the lead was only applicable in two of the Texans' six games -- blown out in the first two, winning their last two. Not that it matters; the Carson Palmer-less Bengals tend to shutdown well before the fourth quarter is even played.