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Carson spoke to Jake Delhomme about Tommy John Surgery

A little nugget that passed through all the Bengals media types (as far I know) -- including myself -- in which Carson Palmer spoke to Jake Delhomme about Tommy John surgery he had last season. As per Peter King's MMQ.

9. I think Carson Palmer must be exceedingly worried about his right elbow. Why else would he be sending his MRI -- supposedly devoid of major damage to his right elbow -- to renowned orthopedist James Andrews and at least three other noted ortho guys around the country?

Palmer has talked to Jake Delhomme of the Panthers, who had the ligament replacement surgery that Palmer fears he might be facing, and Delhomme's advice: "I was more trying to reassure him that the surgery works, if that's what he needs. I had more than just that done, but you don't lose your quality of life, and you can be sure the surgery is better now than it was a few years ago, when it was difficult to come back from. I told him it was a very easy rehab. Basically, I told him not to be afraid, that if this is what it was, he'd be able to come back from it.''

Most teammates, fans and opinionated media are agreeing that Palmer should shut down the season. Even though he really wants to play, and being a leader to an 0-7 team is admirable enough, it's time to think of making 2009 a rebounding season for everyone.