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Bengals have 100 yards rushing in five of their previous 23 games

When was the last time the Bengals recorded a 100-yard rusher? As a team, the Bengals recorded 102 yards rushing against the Giants; their season high. Chris Perry rushed for 74 yards against the Giants, which is also a team high for the season. On December 23, 2007, Kenny Watson rushed the ball 30 times for 130 yards against the Cleveland Browns. This, my friends, is the last time the Bengals have had a 100-yard rusher; eight games ago.

However, of the team's past 23 games, the Bengals offense recorded 100 yards rushing, as a team, only six times (Cleveland twice, Jets in '07, Titans in '07, Rams in '07 and Giants). And dating back to 2007, the Bengals have had three games with a 100-yard rusher (Rudi Johnson 118 yards against the Browns, Kenny Watson 130 yards against the Jets AND Browns).