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Friday morning links and notes -- Pat Sims will be the next Warren Sapp

Bengals receiving T.J. Houshmandzadeh doesn't care about the numbers -- 46 receptions (2nd in the NFL), 458 yards receiving (18th), and 28 receptions for first down (3rd).

You'll probably notice that an addition was made to the injury report -- Reagan Maui'a was added with a hamstring issue that limited his practice. Maui'a was signed back with the team earlier this week.

With the Bengals heading into Houston, Kevin Walter is excited about an old reunion.

Pat Sims: "One of these days I'm going to be too comfortable and I'll be a beast out there." Sims wants to be the next Warren Sapp.

T.J. didn't think Ward should have been fined; Chinedum Ndukwe thought he would have. Different perspectives, obviously. Houshmandzadeh, a receiver, would like to lay on a block like that while Ndukwe lost one of his defensive-mates for the season.

Houshmandzadeh thought that the Steelers ran up the score on them -- I agreed. “The final score does look bad, but I don’t think guys flat out quit. It was just a matter of Pittsburgh almost Steve Spurrier-ing us and running up the score, you know?"

Former Bengals prospering in the NFL.

Flashback: "Dick LeBeau predicted a win. Chad Johnson went ahead and guaranteed it. Remarkably, both turned out to be right. The last time the Cincinnati Bengals went to Houston, they were 0-7 and awfully chatty for a winless team. Even the odds makers expected them to lose that 2002 game against the Texans, an expansion team that had never before been favored."

Marvin Lewis is NOT on Don Banks' list of coaches on the hot seat.

The Lions are more likely to go winless than the Bengals.

Bengals have been 0-8 four times in their franchise.