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Friday afternoon links and notes -- report out that players tested positive for banned substance

There's a lot of items to tackle, so we decided to run a second links and notes. Also, don't forget to ask your questions about the Houston Texans this Sunday.

There's a report hitting the wire that at least six, and exceeding 15, players have tested positive for banned substances. The list has yet to be known -- and likely won't be until suspensions are handed out. However, Deuce McAllister and Will Smith have been named already. The issue is something called Bumetanide (aka, "water pills" that could mask other drugs or performance enhancements).

Even though encouraging news came out Friday that the Bengals will not shut down Carson Palmer, they did put Reagan Maui'a on the team's Injured Reserve. I don't know if it's just bad luck, or what. But the team signed Maui'a a few days ago, he supposedly hurt his hamstring, and then he's placed on IR. They signed Eric Henderson off the practice squad -- likely the team's position replacement for losing Keith Rivers.

In regards to Kellen Winslow being suspended for comments about the team and staph infections, Mike Florio writes, "Does the First Amendment right to free speech overcome the ability of the NFL and its teams to discipline employees who criticize officials or otherwise talk out of school?" I'm no constitutional expert, but doesn't free speech apply to the government only -- aka, the government can't restrict your right to free speech? As far as my experience goes, if you publicly speak about your employers or the company you work for to the media, then you're fair game.

Since we're pumping out posts today. Just a recap on things. We examined when the Bengals last did something -- like rushed for over 200 yards in a game, or held the opposing team to less than 50 yards rushing. We also brought up Reggie Williams, the Bengals remaining schedule and Palmer's possible return in 2008.

And just because we can.