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Mortensen: Palmer unlikely to play another game this season

As typical Bengals luck would have it, on the same day that Marvin Lewis said that the Bengals won't be placing Carson Palmer on Injury Reserve (and thus my actual optimistic outlook, using that factor heavily), Chris Mortensen writes that Palmer isn't likely"to play another game in the 2008 season" but has "delayed a decision whether to have" Tommy John surgery.

Mort writes that "Palmer's injury is to one portion of the ulnar collateral ligament", however, the injury is mild compared to Jake Delhomme, and a conservative approach for the time being is fine because the injury is "limited". Palmer asked the Bengals to give him two more months "before taking any action". Mort writes that Palmer wants to be 100% sure that he can't play; otherwise he'd feel like he's abandoning his teammates.

Other than possibly risking larger injury, Palmer has lost strength in his throwing hand, which would reduce the zip on his fastball and create ball security issues. Palmer discovered that Delhomme and Rob Johnson's injuries were much more significant; both of whom had Tommy John surgery.

So for those of you that who would buy me a beer if the Bengal win five games this year; ummm, yea.

CULPEPPER? Pro Football Talk believes that the Bengals should sign Daunte Culpepper, who has been largely stumping for Culpepper since his "retirement letter". PFT writes that "Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jordan Palmer aren’t the answer."

Culpepper tore his ACL, MCL, and PCL in 2005. Since then (2006 with Miami, 2007 with Oakland) Culpepper has seven touchdowns, eight interceptions, 42 quarterback sacks, 27 fumbles (13 lost), completing 189 passes in 320 attempts (59%) in 11 games.

Fitzpatrick and Jordan may not be the answer, but Culpepper hasn't even been posed the question since his last game on November 25, 2007. He has a lot of making up to do.