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Open Thread II - Bengals (6) @ Texans (14)

Other than an opening three-and-out, the Bengals offense is moving the ball, converting 10 first downs on three possessions; one ended in punt and the other two ended in field goals. The Bengals have two offensive possessions that went 10 plays, over 50 yards (both field goals). Of those two field goal possessions, the Bengals ran 23 plays, for 119 yards and only have six points to show for it.

Benson is running the ball well, making one cut and picking up positive yardage afterwards; also forcing several missed tackles.

The biggest play of the game, at this point, is the 73-yard touchdown on punt return by Jacoby Jones. The Texans had the ball three times, converting a touchdown on a long 15-play drive that went 91 yards. Steve Slaton has only 11 yards rushing on seven attempts.

Player Stats.

Fitzpatrick: 13/20, 104 yards passing, 4 rushes, 27 yards rushing.

Benson: 55 yards total (8 rushes, 41 yards rushing, 1 reception, 14 yards receiving)

Houshmandzadeh: 5 receptions, 33 yards, 1 rush, 9 yards
Chad Johnson: 3 receptions, 27 yards receiving
Reggie Kelly: 3 receptions, 27 yards
Chris Henry: 1 reception, 3 yards receiving

Matt Schaub: 14/17, 135 yards, TD

Ahmad Green: 2 rushes, 14 yards (five yards receiving on a pass)
Steve Slaton: seven rushes, 11 yards

Andre Johnson: five receptions, 61 yards receiving
Anderson: two receptions, 28 yards, TD
Daniels: three receptions, 21 yards

As a Team

Total Yards: Bengals 181 yards total, Texans 147 yards total.
Rushing: Bengals 77 yards, Texans 27 yards

First Downs: Bengals 10, Texans 9
Third Downs: Bengals 4/8 (50%), Texans 4/5 (80%)
Time of Possession: Bengals 15:10, Texans 14:32