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Chris Henry blocks on passing play

When Chris Henry returned against the Dallas Cowboys, there was a hope that he would spark this offensive engine, creating match up problems. He was shutout in that game with limited playing time. Since then, he's caught five receptions for 60 yards since. Against the Texans, Henry ran a slant route a bit too short leaving him a yard shy of a first down on his three yard third down receptions.

Then on Second-and-Three, at the Cincinnati 49-yard line to start the second quarter, Henry ran directly to Jacques Reeves and blocked him for Cedric Benson. The problem is the Bengals were passing, and Ryan Fitzpatrick intended his pass for Henry. We're not sure what the deal is, or who we should make fun of more; Henry blocking on a passing play, or Fitzpatrick watching Henry prepare for a block and throwing the ball his way. Though since most passing plays are based on timing, we'll assume Henry on this one.

We figure there would be some time to re-learn the playbook against Dallas and the Jets. But if you don't know if the play called is a pass or a run, then you're totally useless to this team.