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Monday morning links and notes -- we haven't hit rock bottom yet

The Bengals are getting ripped at every turn after a 73-16 in the past two games, though they claim it isn't for a lack of effort. For the season, the Bengals have been outscored by 113 points -- that's an average of 14.75 points per game. The Lions are the second worst, outscored by 98 points.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has fumbled and lost the football in four straight games. He's also been sacked 17 times during that stretch.

Paul Daugherty says we haven't even reached rock bottom yet.

Carson Palmer refutes Mort's story while he continues to rehab. "That's not true. I don't know where he (ESPN's Chris Mortensen) got it. I just found out it last night (Saturday)." However, as if one didn't know, Palmer will be out against Jacksonville next week.

What happened on the two-hand touch play by Johnathan Joseph?

"(Joseph) got pushed off the route a little bit," Lewis said. "Kevin gave him a little shove. But you've got to get there and get him down. That's part of football, professional football. He gets there and Kevin's already back on his feet. You've got to make the tackle. It's a lack of finishing the play."

Joseph faced the media afterward and didn't exactly accept responsibility for his mistake, saying he wanted to see the film.

"It's one of those plays where I was there and I thought I had tagged him down," he said. "If I didn't think he was down, I would have tackled him. But (the refs) said he was up. I guess it's continuation. I'd like to have it back, but obviously you can't take nothing back once it happens. You've got to move on."

James Walker: "So much for the Cincinnati Bengals' chance of winning a game anytime soon." They have the Jaguars, Eagles, Steelers, Ravens, Colts and Redskins upcoming.

Don Banks: "You know what the irony of all ironies is? I can't imagine anyone who would want a Chad Johnson or an Ocho Cinco jersey this season."

Peter King: "I wonder how many Bengals are playing not to get hurt."

Dave's "Dearly Departed."

The Bengals are half-way to history.

Since recording 14 yards on 11 carries, including losing his second fumble in back-to-back games against the Jets, Chris Perry hasn't touched the ball once.