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Inside the Numbers: Rambling Random Stats

The Bengals defense has allowed 11 rushing touchdowns (that's tied for second worst in the NFL... Chiefs have allowed 14). The Bengals allowed 11 all of last season.

Rushing Touchdowns Allowed
Rushing Defense
2008 11 (t-31st) 146.9 (27th)
2007 11 (t-12th) 118.3 (21st)
2006 15 (t-23rd) 116.4 (15th)
2005 16 (t-23rd) 115.6 (20th)
2004 11 (12th) 128.9 (26th)
2003 18 (t-26th) 138.6 (25th)

I found this interesting. Did you know that Brad St. Louis has played in 104 straight games? Did you know that he ranks fifth among tight ends for that position's iron man? Chad Johnson leads all wide receivers with 111 consecutive starts -- Reggie Wayne is second with 108.

In the past two games, the Bengals haven't recorded a takeaway (interception, fumble recovery). However, they've thrown two picks, and lost two fumbles. Against the New York Jets, the Bengals won the turnover battle (+2) -- the only game they won the turnover battle. For the season, the Bengals are -6 in turnover difference.

Marvin Lewis has won three of four challenges this season.

Sacks Allowed. With half a season to go, the Bengals have given up 28 sacks; that's a pace for 56 on the season. Here's the breakdown of sacks allowed through the seasons.

2008 56*
2007 17
2006 36
2005 21
2004 31
2003 37
2002 37
2001 28
2000 51

* Projected

Time of Possession. It's no secret that the Bengals are historically bad with time of possession in the 21st century. Since 2000, the Bengals have averaged less than 30 minutes of time of possession in all but one season (2005). This season the Bengals are averaging 26:51 -- worst during that span.

Three and Out. How many three-and-outs have the Bengals offense recorded this season? I'm defining three-and-out as drives that go three plays, without a first down, ending with a punt.

@ Baltimore Ravens 7
Tennessee Titans 4
@ New York Giants 3
Cleveland Browns 2
@ Dallas Cowboys 2
@ NY Jets 4
Pittsburgh Steelers 6
Houston Texans 2

How many three-and-outs have the Bengals defense forced?

@ Baltimore Ravens 5
Tennessee Titans 2
@ New York Giants 2
Cleveland Browns 1
@ Dallas Cowboys 1
@ NY Jets 1
Pittsburgh Steelers 3
Houston Texans 1

Points by quarters.

  Bengals Opponents
1st 13 44
2nd 49 51
3rd 10 37
4th 32 82
  104 217

Bengals receiver is on pace to record 108 receptions, but only 1,024 yards receiving. Chad Johnson is worse, on pace for 64 receptions for only 624 yards and four touchdowns.

Between Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, they've recorded 86 receptions for 824 yards receiving. The rest of the team has 73 receptions for 548 yards receiving and no touchdowns -- note, Ryan Fitzpatrick caught a pass for three yards that's no included in the total.