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Monday night links and notes -- Even with a coaching change, Mike Brown remains

One good thing about the season is that you will never have enough reading material (note to self, do my readers WANT more material). Then again, that's the beauty of the scroll bar.

I partially agree with Dave's assessment here, that "change" would come with an 0-16 season. However, think about it. Likely, the Bengals with the first pick wouldn't see their draft pick because negotiations would last until October. Furthermore, Brown stays. So what changes? Brown steps down? Well then, his family that he trained would take over. So what changes? We'll going to beat that topic into submission over the weeks

Speaking of which, if Mike Brown spoke, would you care?

I realize Marvin Lewis is the head coach and the leader of this team. At the same time, do we not have a single player stepping up? Answer: No. Duh?

I would be shocked if the Bengals keep Houshmandzadeh beyond this season. However, I do think they'll try -- and I'm not so certain they haven't negotiated already, only to stop once initial figures were so separated. Also, if the Bengals do sign Houshmandzadeh back, wouldn't it make their 2008 draft a bit pointless? We were supposedly drafting for the future -- and the future was three wide receivers in the draft.

Rashad Jeanty was "was in a protective walking boot." Lewis said that Jeanty will be OK. However less certain words were used with Domata Peko who they "think Peko will be OK." Jeanty has actually been one of our more productive defensive players, second on the team with 52 tackles and a forced fumble.

Lewis did say that Jamar Fletcher, Corey Mays and Ben Utecht should return. On the other hand, Glenn Holt suffered a shoulder sprain.

Now that Lynch joins Rivers on IR, Pat Sims is the only significant contributor from the 2008 draft class.

Bengal Stripes was hoping to wake up and find Lewis was fired.

If there's any indication of how much the national media is starting to ignore Cincinnati (not like we don't have our stories, right? Hello?) it's the AFC North blog on Not a rip on James Walker; just telling. And in truth, I'm glad I don't have to hear about it all the time (god knows I read and write about it enough).