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Hall of Fame Nominations Out -- Five Bengals Nominated

The Pro Football Hall of Fame released their nomination list for the class of 2009. Of the 133 players nominated, five played with the Bengals -- and there's no new additions from last year. Later next month, the list will be reduced to 25 modern-era candidates -- then to 15 finalists (plus 2 nominations from the Hall's Senior Selection Committee). On January 31, 2009, the 2009 class will be voted.

The Bengals players are:

Kenny Anderson (QB, 1971-1986)
Isaac Curtis (WR, 1973-1984)
Boomer Esiason (QB, 1984-1992, 1997)
Max Montoya (G, 1979-1989)
Ken Riley (CB, 1969-1983)

Riley is fifth all-time with 65 interceptions; yet not in the hall. Boomer Esiason's 247 career touchdowns ranks 14th all-time and his 37,920 yards passing ranks 13th all-time; yet not in the hall.

If any thinks that it's a shame one (or multiple) players haven't gotten in yet, raise your hand.