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Rumor: Lewis to be fired next week, not this week (we think)

Based on the rumor that the Bengals are looking to fire Marvin Lewis at the end of the week, you have to assume that, by now, it's not likely to happen. So to make sure a rumor goes unmolested, and proving that it's legit, let's just say that Mike Brown is giving Lewis one more game. (editor's note: I'm not suggesting the rumor is true, but wanted to reiterate that it's not a rumor/report that we're starting).

Still, asked before the season started, I wouldn't even had put Lewis on the hot seat, much less suspected he'd lose his job midway through the season. I'm still suspect that the Bengals aren't entirely dumb enough to fire Lewis, after four, or five, or even six games into the season; for one, the playoffs are already out of the picture, and there's nothing like a chaotic atmosphere with players wonder what the hell is going on. If, and this is a big if, the Bengals decide to cut ties with Lewis during the season, it's going to be after the team's bye week -- like the suspected associate with the Lane Kiffin and Scott Linehan.

So, take it for a grain of salt. Typically when rumors like this float, the more they're reported from various organizations the more likely it's to happen. However, we've seen limited, if any, secondary reports of the same rumor.