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Thursday afternoon links and notes -- players give vote of confidence on Lewis

Chick Ludwig counters the argument that there's talent on this team. The truth is, if there's so much talent, why are they the only team being 0-8? However, Ludwig argues in another piece that it was Palmer's injury that doomed this team.

I have to be honest, but I like Rivers' attitude. I just hope he backs it up.

Matt previews this weekend's matchup with the Jaguars.

For all of those that think Lewis has lost the team, the players themselves speak differently -- though it would be nice if their play would reflect their comments.

Maurice Jones-Drew isn't looking past the Bengals. Though it would be nice if a Bengals player had similar thoughts as Jones-Drew did: "My motivation is for the love of the game, preparing for it and the fear of failing. The fear of not being able to play at my best is always motivation for me."

We could have had this guy.

Mike Zimmer is pissed off. "We'll be all right. We just played like crap in the second half."

Yes, Marvin Lewis, is in fact yelling at his players.

Robert Geathers has only four sacks since his 10.5 sack season in 2006.

I think people make too big of a deal comparing the popularity of baseball and football.

John Clayton lists his Ten Most Feared Players in the NFL -- think a Bengals player made the list?

Is the 2008 Bengals the worst Bengals ever?