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What is it with hamstring injuries?

After the news that Dexter Jackson went on Injured Reserve because of a hamstring injury, I realized that Jackson's injury is becoming a trend. In fact, along with Jackson, Herana-Daze Jones, Reagan Maui'a, Dede Dorsey, have all been lost for the season because of a hamstring. That's four of 11 (13 if you're counting the injury-waived players). Admittedly, I don't know the overall rate for hamstring injuries across the league, but I'm sure it's not as high. I understand the difference between a sore hamstring and a truly injured hamstring and it seems like our team has the most injured (not just sore) hamstrings.

Jamar Fletcher and Kenny Watson have missed time because of a hamstring problem and Brandon Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Chris Perry, and Johnathan Joseph has showed up on injury reports because of a hamstring; though they've played through it.

On the latest injury report, Jonathan Fanene was added as the latest hamstring injury. That's nearly a fifth of the team that's dealt with some hamstring problem through eight games this season.