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Saturday afternoon links and notes -- more on Marvin Lewis

Thanks to reader R.F. Mehl for this Stephan A Smith piece that I missed. Generally speaking, I'm not a big Smith fan so I don't seek his stuff.

But Lewis feels very comfortable here, especially with job security. "I'm comfortable with my situation here, the people here. We've had a lot of injuries before the season. A lot of things happen to this franchise. Nobody hates losing more than me, but the folks here know the situation. I'm comfortable saying that."

I believe there is some truth to that, but I disagree that he should deflect everything to the "situation"; mostly game management, adjustments and retaining a certain offensive coordinator. I still believe Mike Brown seeks Lewis' opinion on personnel matters, though we're reminded on whom has the final say (aka, Chris Henry signing). The front office is incredibly problematic to the team's success. Defeated and unsure what simple blue collar folk like us can do about it, I can only conclude that "it is what it is". If you have a true solution, something in which that everyone can get behind, then hey, let's do it.

Another point that Smith makes that I disagree with is associating Henry's fate with Lewis'

But five years later, Lewis is clinging to his job, with Henry destined to cement his demise.

Every one of us question Browns' ability to put together a football franchise model. At the same time, the man is smart enough to realize that Henry was drafted with Brown's final say (right?) and re-signed by Brown. If Henry succeeds this season, and by all reports he's really turning everything around realizing this is his final shot at having a comfortable life, then it could save Lewis (if Lewis is in trouble, which in my honest opinion, I still don't think he is). If Henry doesn't turn things around, then Brown is smart enough to realize that it wasn't Lewis that brought him back, it was himself.

In the end, I think Smith failed; or tried to discuss Lewis' tenure by promoting the Rooney Rule. He tried to point out the players that have been in trouble during Lewis' tenure -- and aside from Henry, who Brown brought back, and drafting Shirley who Brown has a final say -- the Bengals aren't even on the radar when it comes to teams with troubled NFL players. We're promoted as such based on a stigma in one season (2006). To be fair, in Shirley's case (and by small extension, Cedric Benson's case), they were not with the Bengals organization during their "troubles".

Moving on to our links this college Saturday afternoon.

While Carson Palmer is questionable, likely a game-time decision, it's been expressed that even if Palmer plays, then there's no further damage he could suffer by throwing the ball. Getting hit on the elbow, is another matter.

In the past two seasons, the Cowboys are 7-1 after a loss -- losing their last back-to-back games in 2006. The 'Boys lost last week to the Redskins in Dallas.

I answered questions for Dave at Blogging the Boys (SB Nation Cowboys blog).

Chick Ludwig doesn't think that the Bengals can pull off the upset.

The Bengals waived Simeon Castille and signed/promoted linebacker Abdul Hodge of the practice squad. Hodge will wear #52.

The Bengals have until 4 p.m. on Saturday to activate Henry to the 53-man roster. If they miss the deadline, he can't play.

Regarding Henry, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said, “We’ll make that determination a little later. Obviously he got the messages. He spent the four weeks away … working his butt off.”

Lewis said he was impressed by Henry’s conditioning level this week. Henry took snaps on the scout-team offense against the first-team defensive and worked in with the regular offense.

The Bengals need Cedric Benson right away.