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Bengals cut running back Kenny Watson

UPDATE: Watson could be signed back.
Bengals could sign Kenny Watson back after Sunday's game against the Cowboys, writes Geoff Hobson. "With head coach Marvin Lewis saying Friday that he thought Watson could get ready for next week's game against the Jets that may mean Watson is back soon."

In a very surprising move Saturday afternoon, the Bengals decided to part ways with backup running back Kenny Watson, opening a roster spot for wide receiver Chris Henry. Henry's activation was expected... using Watson's spot wasn't.

The move is especially surprising considering the team's lack of depth at running back. After Perry felt soreness in his hamstring Monday morning, the team kept his reps limited until Friday's practice. DeDe Dorsey was placed on Injured Reserve after the loss to the Browns. Later, the Bengals signed Cedric Benson in response to the shortage at running back. Then, on Saturday afternoon the Bengals cut Kenny Watson; now we're back to two active running backs on the 53-man roster.

  1. Chris Perry
  2. Cedric Benson

James Johnson still sits on the team's practice squad, and in order for him to join the 53-man roster, the Bengals will have to open a spot on the roster.

Watson joined Cincinnati in 2003, playing in 60 games with the Bengals, rushing for 1,094 yards on 236 carries and eight rushing touchdowns. His career-year came in 2007, relieving the oft-injured Rudi Johnson, rushing for 763 yards and scoring seven touchdowns -- he picked up 40 first downs on 178 carries. In four seasons in which he wasn't hurt and actually rushed the ball, his season yards-per-rush average were 6.2, 5.5, 4.3 and 4.6 respectively.

UPDATE: Dave agrees that releasing Watson is a bad move. However, says that Watson was released because our RB position is crowded. LOL. I suppose two IS a crowd.