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Monday Morning Links and Notes -- Players are still upbeat, despite 0-5 start after 31-22 loss to the 'Boys

Glenn Holt nearly returned a kickoff for a touchdown. The Kickoff team recovered an unexpected on-side kick. Shayne Graham converted all three field goals (41, 31, 40). Except for the Kyries Hebert illegal touching that nullified a Kyle Larson punt to the three-yard line (moving it to the 20), the Bengals special teams did pretty good.

You hate to blame one play in a 60-minute NFL game as the reason why the Bengals lost. But it's sort of hard to ignore Chris Perry's fumble.

Bob Bratkowski on his job: "Oh, it's no fun at all. But it's my job and, just like everybody else, we keep going forward. You have to have a short memory, and you have to go forward. That's what we do. You have very little time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself or pout because the next (game) comes up real fast."

10 reasons why the Bengals stink.

There's something about playing the NFC East on the road.

But a loss is a loss.

Cedric Benson provided some spark on the ground Sunday, recording 30 rushing yards on 10 attempts.

Even though the Bengals are 0-5, they're keeping their heads up, reflecting on the positives.

Chad Johnson on not getting the ball in the first half: "I had to keep my focus, keep my composure. I waited until I got my opportunity."

But that was the point of Sunday's game, wasn't it? Missed opportunities.