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Updating the Bengals strength of schedule

Note: I purposely say games rather than teams, because of repeating teams in the AFC North.

The last time we looked at the Bengals strength of schedule, there were five undefeated games, nine games with a winning record and only seven with a losing record. Since then, we saw the Ravens and Cowboys blemish their marks with the only undefeated teams being the Giants and the Titans. There are now only six teams with a winning record, four standing at even, and six with more losses than wins. Since after the third week, Bengals opponents have gone 16-11.

Of the five opponents that the Bengals have already played, their record is a 16-6 -- which means the remaining opponents have a .480 winning percentage (24-26).

Opponent Opp. Record Result
@ Baltimore Ravens 2-2 L, 10-17
Tennessee Titans 5-0 L, 7-24
@ New York Giants 4-0 L, 23-26
Cleveland Browns 1-3 L, 12-20
@ Dallas Cowboys 4-1 L, 22-31
@ New York Jets 2-2  
Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1  
@ Houston Texans 0-4  
Jacksonville Jaguars 2-3  
Philadelphia Eagles 2-3  
@ Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1  
Baltimore Ravens 2-2  
@ Indianapolis Colts 2-2  
Washington Redskins 4-1  
@ Cleveland Browns 1-3  
Kansas City Chiefs 1-4  
  40-32 (.556)