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Wednesday morning links and notes -- suspensions, Watson and breakdown

Like when Chris Henry was suspended to start the season, he didn't count against the 53-man roster. Same thing should apply with the suspension of Darryl Blackstock, allowing the team to sign back Kenny Watson without having to cut another player -- at least for now.

Also in the move above, the Bengals signed Simeon Castille to the team's practice squad.

There is no running back "controversy". The team should play the running back that's most effective; isn't that how things works?

I couldn't come up with the team's biggest bust with 2008 acquisitions.

This Dallas News blog breaks down the Cowboys defense against the Bengals.

Carson Palmer wouldn't let them rush the passer. Seventeen times he used a three-step drop or less. Twelve times he used a five-step drop. And when he hit his back foot, the ball was almost always gone.

Now, the Cowboys didn't really come after him either. I had them for rushing six defenders four times, all in the second half. Most of the time they rushed four guys (19 times) and that put DeMarcus Ware and Greg Ellis into coverage more.


Three-man: 1 time
Four-man: 19 times
Five-man: 18 times
Six-plus man: 4 times

Base: 41 times
Single safety: 4 times
Nickel: 6 times
Dime: 18 times

Based on the same blog, taking an offensive take, the Bengals pass rush defense looked like:

Three-man: 1 time
Four-man: 16 times
Five-man: 5 times
Six-plus man: 4 times

Carson writes about how great it is playing with his brother.

I can't argue against this.

Try as you might, I won't be convinced that Willie Anderson isn't the equal of Stacy Andrews, or his backup, Scott Kooistra. Or that Levi Jones is the best they can do at left tackle.

Many of the personnel decisions the Bengals have made in recent years, are directly reflected in their record. We hear about how the defense was going to be a major emphasis going into this season. Mike Zimmer has achieved a modicum of improvement as the coordinator but what does he have to work with?