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Bengals Week in Review (Game #9)

We used to do week in reviews all the time (usually Saturday mornings), but I started going away from doing them (because they were on Saturday mornings). However, sometimes we post things on here as frequently as Hollywood roles out bad movies and suffocating sequels. So we'll do one this week in case you missed any of the discussions.

Though nothing surprising on this week's injury report, it seems Rashad Jeanty's foot is keeping him questionable.

We reflected on James Walker's Five Fixes, and made five of our own.

It seems that the Bengals are cursed with hamstring injuries.

The team signed Chris Crocker in response to placing Dexter Jackson on Injured Reserve because of a... hamstring injury.

Corey Lynch went on Injured Reserve because of a bone injury.

There are several former Bengals players eligible for the Hall of Fame that were career leaders at their position at one time or another.

Who would have thought that the Bengals would have the better overall defense against the Jaguars? Who would have that the Jaguars would have the better overall offense against the Bengals? Primer.

Deadline for extending player contracts and dumping additional money against the cap to this season is fast closing.

IgnatiusJReilly takes a look at the draft, relative to the Bengals needs.

Inside the numbers: Rambling Stats... Cedric Benson's contributions

The 2008 Bengals are on-pace to being the worst team in franchise history (Houston recap)

Links and Notes

Monday Morning: We haven't hit rock bottom yet.
Monday Night: Even with a coaching change, Mike Brown would remain.
Wednesday Morning: Never "go against the Monster".
Thursday Afternoon: Players still confident on Lewis.
Friday Morning: Lewis speak on Bengals fans.