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Monday morning links and notes -- 10 Bengals fined for Whitworth/Henderson fight

A total of 20 players were fined during the eye-gorging incident between Andrew Whitworth and John Henderson for a total of $90,000, Jay Glazier writes. Ten Bengals players were fined $37,500; most of them fined for "entering the area of the fight". Yep, total crap.

Ludwig learns that Anthony Collins likes glazed honey buns.

Hobson on Archie Griffin.

Whereas the Chickster can come up with ten reasons that Bengals are 1-8, I think Carson Palmer's injury is the reason.

The unintimidating Bengals are terrible at home. Then again, it shouldn't come at any real surprise.

Season Home Road
2008 1-3 0-5
2007 5-3 2-6
2006 4-4 4-4
2005 5-3 6-2
2004 5-3 3-5
2003 5-3 3-5
2002 1-7 1-7
2001 4-4 2-6
2000 3-5 1-7

The Bengals are 4-13 following the bye week; which actually improves their chances of winning their second game Sunday.

The Bengals would have drafted Drew Brees if not for the money tied to Akili Smith. "When it comes to the draft, the Bengals are better off throwing darts blindfolded," Ludwig writes.

Andre Caldwell could return from a stress fracture this week against the Eagles.

Cedric Benson in the Bengals long-term plans?

The Blitz grades the Bengals during the bye week.

Jason Shirley was testifying on Friday.