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Whitworth deserves explanation

Andrew Whitworth would love an explanation from the league office, why a fine for self-defense is equal to jabbing beefy fingers through eye sockets. Whitworth said that he would "love to have a phone call from them explaining to me how they are justifying (the decision). I don’t see how in the world they can justify us having equal fines at all.”

Whitworth continues. “Blatantly attacking me from behind, without a helmet, without any restraint. He was definitely going to try to cause physical harm. And he gets $10,000. I don’t think there is any one in the NFL office who could call me on the phone and explain one thing that justifies that – not at all.”

Head Coach Marvin Lewis, said that it was "unfortunate".

As to the fines for the 18 other players during the play, well, the league is keeping that close to the chest. We can assume it's everyone on the field, save for two players. Mark Curnutte and C Trent received word from Greg Aiello regarding the reasoning those 18 players were fined, but no word as to whether they were able to ask about the imbalanced Whitworth/Henderson fine.