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Tuesday morning links and notes

WDR hits phase two of Project Mayhem. Donate $18 and they'll put up four billboard signs across Cincinnati. I don't know if it will help, but for all the bitching and complaining about Bengals management heard on the radio, read in the papers and websites, WDR is trying to do something about it. Even though they've ripped me and this site, I don't see how you can't support these guys. Hopefully they generate enough static that the Brown family will be forced to listen.

More evidence that Chick Ludwig reads this blog, he points out that April 18, 1999 being the darkest day in club history; the date that Akili Smith was drafted. The Bengals "spurned" the Saints trade offer for nine draft picks to move up to the Bengals number three slot. Can you imagine how much the Bengals history from 1999 onward would have been dramatically different? You can mark this date in which Brown's legacy as an idiot was cemented.

Wide receivers Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell are not expected to play Sunday.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid drafts well, the Bengals don't.

If you watched the surprisingly entertaining 49ers/Cardinals game, you saw that the 49ers defense had several former Bengals players. Mark Roman finished the game with six tackles. Justin Smith had seven tackles, two quarterback hits and a pass defensed. Takeo Spikes had six tackles including one for a loss.