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Other fines announced; FB released; NFL rankings; Willie Anderson speaks

Along with Andrew Whitworth, Levi Jones and Chad Johnson will appeal their fines for "unnecessarily entering the fight zone" when all they were trying to do was break up the fight. Jones said that he's "going to discuss it with my coaches and agents and see what to do with it."

"I was trying to protect my teammate who wasn't wearing a helmet," Jones said Wednesday. "I took Henderson's hands off Whit's face. I understand there are rules and we do have to follow them, but you have to go by situations."

Ryan Fitzpatrick took off during the fight.

"Fitz said the only way he was going to get fined is if they fined the guy running away," said Whitworth, who is appealing his $10,000 penalty in the incident stemming from Henderson's attack on his eyes. "But Fitz did the right thing. He stayed out of it. It's a difficult thing. It's one of those deals where terminology reads one way and common sense is another."

The Bengals on Tuesday waived fullback J.D. Runnels from the practice squad, likely opening a spot for Geoffrey Pope; who's likely to be signed to the squad for the third time since September. Runnels was the Bears sixth round draft pick in the 2006 NFL Draft spending most of his time on either the bench, injured reserve or the practice squad.

The Bengals are ranked 27th in Dr. Z rankings. ESPN's Power Rankings has them ranked 30th -- behind the Rams and Chiefs. We may have just won our first game of the season, but you expect me to believe that the Bengals couldn't beat either team?

How hard was it for Willie Anderson to leave Cincinnati?

The only thing hard about it was how I left with - for some odd reason - them speculating about my endurance and whether I could play. Until '07 [when he sat out nine games with a bone bruise and medial collateral ligament sprain in his right knee], that never was a question. ... You have one rough year where I took a blow - nothing that had to with age - and how I left with the training staff there saying: "Well, he can't play anymore. He's done." That's been said about me since 2005 when I had knee surgery. By the grace of God, I've always bounced back and had steady years. But the way I left and what was being said about me when I left was the hardest part. But now I'm done with that. I'm over it.

Who wore #11 and #12.

The Ravens signed former Bengals wide receiver Marcus Maxwell -- who was let go after an injury settlement was reached.

Brian Westbrook might still be injured, wonders JasonB at Bleeding Green Nation. "I'm not going to say he's 100 percent. But at the same time, he's good enough to where he can be effective as long as we take care of business up front."

Are the Eagles ready to blow up the Bengals?