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Chad still wants trade; Pope back on practice squad; defense terrible on first down; 2005 Bengals draft

I can't shake the feeling that Chad Johnson's super-positive attitude is an act. But since I believe in giving benefit of the doubt, I'll say his attitude has been awesome. Then you see this Philly piece.

"I've always been a fan of [McNabb], and especially Philly," Johnson said. "The fans in Philly are the real deal, and that would be a real joy to give them a treat."

So are you back to saying you want to get traded, Chad?

"Oh, yeah. OK. Next question," Johnson said.

He's positive, but he still wants out. After watching what we're going through this season, how the team has played awful, that fans are rebelling against the machine (or monster), it's understandable. Sadly.

What do they see in Geoffrey Pope that they keep bringing him back to the practice squad?

The Bengals defense has allowed 144 first downs this season; only Oakland (161), Detroit (155), Kansas City (151) and Indianapolis (148) are worse.

It's easy to look back on the 2005 NFL Draft and see how the Bengals selections didn't work out. But during that season, that draft class was perhaps the best for this franchise in a long time. As they say, wait to grade a draft three years after (note for those that keep throwing Jerome Simpson comparisons at our face). Three years later, that entire draft was a bust.

Trent Cole isn't the only UC alum helping the Philadelphia Eagles. There's also tight end Brent Celek.

AFC North transcript with James Walker. He still thinks the Bengals will only win two games this season.

The Ravens are looking at playoffs.