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Benson's chance; remember when; Chad on NFL Network; Perry back?; WDR's third task

Cedric Benson sat out Thursday's practice due to a back injury. Benson is fully aware of the opportunity the Bengals gave him, and he's taking advantage of it. Dhani Jones too.

Chick Ludwig remembers post-game tirades after 42-44 loss to the Eagles in 1997, and a game in which the Bengals scored "twice in the final three seconds to go from 30-27 losers to 33-30 winners."

WDR announces the third Project Mayhem Task. Don't buy nothing at PBS.

Chad's interview during Thursday night's game between the Jets and Patriots on NFL Network. is a fine place to watch the game from the comfort of your living room with Thursday night's college game in the background. Chad vs. Asante Samuel. However, Samuel has a bum hip missing Thursday's practice; though he's expected to start Sunday.

Along with Antwan Odom's shoulder likely keeping him out (at least limited) for Sunday's game, Rashad Jeanty had an ankle wrapped in ice (though he was limited in Thursday's practice).

Chris Perry on his role now. "It's been time just to figure what to do. I let the opportunity slip, so I have to deal with it. It's how it is. It's life. I got no problem with Cedric."

Lito Sheppard should see additional snaps, meaning the Eagles will line up primarily in nickel situations with the Bengals tendency at three receiver sets.

The Eagles view this game as critical. Not because of the contest, rather a practice-like game to gain confidence for their stretch run aiming for the playoffs.