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Week in Review: Eagles Week

A sickened Andrew Whitworth deserves an explanation while everyone else is trying to understand why nine other offense players (rest of the offense save for Ryan Fitzpatrick) were fined for "unnecessarily entering the fight zone", which is a bit ironic to us. A more noble thing to show kids (since that's what they tell us it's all about when they have no better excuses), is to step in and break up fights. Not to stand around and chant your buddy towards victory. So the lesson here kiddies is to cringe when your buddy's eye is ripped out, instead of preventing it. The lessons learned from observing the NFL are priceless.

Crazy wacky ideas, like going for it on fourth down, only makes sense when the team can actually convert it. Our offense is the worst in the NFL. Where in the world does this confidence come from when you can't convert on third down because you gain 2-3 yards on first and second down combined?

WDR is having mad success with Task #2, and have announced Task #3.

The Bengals don't have any 40-yard receptions, though they believe that will change Sunday against the Eagles.

Chad still wants out.

Jason Shirley was found guilty for drunken driving and hit and run on Monday. He was sentenced to serve 30 days in a work program. He's allowed to serve after the season and his lawyer will appeal. No word on what the NFL's Hand of God reaction will be.

Not only is comparing DeSean Jackson and Jerome Simpson unfair, it's just a really bad comparison.

We learned late this week that the Bengals are awful in the first quarter, especially on offense. If Ryan Fitzpatrick and the offense can't move the ball in the first quarter, then we can't imagine they'll be competitive the rest of the season against better teams.

The terrible Bengals are terrible at home.

We posted Alex Marvez's list for first-year head coaches.

The three biggest injury notes through the week was Antwan Odom, Cedric Benson's rest day and Chinedum Ndukwe's foot. Palmer will miss the first game after the bye week, which was the initial target. Now the target is the end of November. I was on board if he returned against the Eagles, but now you're pushing the date back because it's not healed. Time for IR.

Darryl Blackstock has returned. Pope was cut and re-signed to the practice squad after the team waived J.D. Runnels.

Primer: Eagles @ Bengals

Mindless dribble.