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Cincinnati Bearcats ranked 19th in BCS -- ahead of Pitt

Louisville head coach wasn't pleased that the Bearcats joined hand-in-hand, circling the Cardinals logo before the game in a team-prayer; a team ritual. "It turned into a situation where a couple of their players came down onto the field and had to be restrained by some of their players," Kelly said. "Steve and I talked about it before the game. We disagreed about the manner in which it was handled but kept it professional and moved on."

The Bearcats moved ahead of Pittsburgh in the BCS and the AP, but not the USA Today. Cincinnati is ranked 19th in the BCS.

Mark Schlabach and Bruce Feldman have the Bearcats in the FedEx Orange Bowl.

  Mark Schlabach Bruce Feldman
FedEx Orange Maryland vs. Cincinnati Cincinnati vs. U of Miami (FL)

For you Buckeyes fans, the Ohio State would play an SEC team (joy) in the Capitol One Bowl.

Don Borst thinks that it would be a "nightmare scenario" if the Bearcats go to the Orange Bowl, calling it a Dream matchup if Pittsburgh goes.

The Bearcats 28-20 win over Louisville was the first time that the Cardinals lost three games in a row since 1997.

This weekend's game between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh will be the biggest of the year. Too bad that we're talking college rather than Pros.

Dominick Goodman caught nine passes for 134 yards receiving. His touchdown gave the Bearcats the lead.

Seniors enjoyed their first career win over the Cardinals last Friday.

Bearcats earned "best game" and "biggest play".