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There's no debut like an Anthony Collins debut

Anthony, your first assignment is James Harrison. Enjoy.

If he starts, Anthony Collins' first task is to stop James Harrison from doing this.

If there's ever a scenario that exists out there, such as making your first start against one of the league's best defensive players, Thursday night would define it. With 12 sacks this season, Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison will be salivating at the thought of pushing a rookie tackle around, making his first NFL start if neither Levi Jones or Andrew Whitworth can heal significantly enough through Thursday afternoon. Note: If Jones or Whitworth can't go.

Rather than expecting him to match-up one-on-one with Harrison, the Bengals would likely send help his way with Kenny Watson (either fully blocking, or chipping into a route in the flats), Daniel Coats and/or Reggie Kelly. At the same time, this could present opportunities for LaMarr Woodley (10 sacks) and Lawrence Timmons (4), along with a three-man rush and additional blitzes from Larry Foote and James Farrior. A focus on protecting Collins might work against the Bengals, creating mismatches for the Steelers to overload the right side.

All things considered, James Harrison has 24.5 career sacks, with his first two career sacks against the Bengals during the week-seven run-the-score-up blowout on October 19 this year. The way the Bengals have held Harrison in check by a healthier and younger Levi Jones, (not by much on both accounts), save for one game, there could be optimism there.