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Open Thread II: Jaguars @ Bengals (Game #9)

Bengals perform their most complete first half, with good pass protection, great wide receiver routes and sustaining drives with third down and short, converting most of them. The Bengals secondary is beating on the Jaguars receivers, while the Bengals defensive line is getting pressure on Garrard.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is quick on his decisions, throwing to his first option on a majority of his passing downs, and pulling the ball down when he sees a running lane. He's completed passes to eight different receivers. Benson picked up towards the two minute warning with a 20-yard run up the middle. The Bengals have two rushing plays of 20 yards or more -- Benson, Fitzpatrick.

Also the Bengals defense held the Jaguars offense below 100 yards total for the half. Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor combined for 31 yards rushing on 10 attempts. Garrard completed only six passes on 12 attempts for 53 yards -- which includes a 16-yard screen pass.

Fitzpatrick: 16/19 for 100 yards passing, two touchdowns and 52 yards rushing on three carries (one draw, two scrambles).

Benson: 10 rushes, 46 yards rushing, one reception for five yards.
Watson: One rush, one yard.

Chad Johnson: four receptions, 26 yards receiving, 2 TDs
T.J. Houshmandzadeh: five receptions, 35 yards receiving.

Garrard: 6/12, 53 yards passing

Jones-Drew: seven rushes, 25 yards rushing, one reception for 16 yards
Taylor: three rushes, six yards rushing.

Lewis: 2 receptions, 11 yards
Jones: 1 reception, 9 yards

As a Team

Total Yards: Bengals (199 yards), Jaguars (86 yards)
Passing Yards: Bengals (100 yards), Jaguars (43 yards)
Rushing Yards: Bengals (99 yards), Jaguars (43 yards)
Third Downs: Bengals (5/7, 71%), Jaguars (3/7, 42%)
Time of Possession: Bengals (16:24), Jaguars (13:36)
First Downs: Bengals (13), Jaguars (5)