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Carson Watch Begins

Now that the Bengals head into their bye week winning their first game of the year, with a superb defensive performance and the team's first 100-yard rusher in nine straight games, I thought now would be a good time to coin a phrase: CARSON WATCH!

Now, most people agree that Palmer should take the season off, rest and prepare for 2009. Unfortunately for those people, Palmer is being a bit of a stickler on the matter. It's widely believed that if Palmer is to return, the first game after the bye week would be the target.Well, we're there now.

So sit back, bring all of your similar beliefs that Palmer should rest, and then get that giddy feeling that the Bengals just won, with a good rushing offense, a solid defensive effort (three freaking sacks), knowing that... oh... my... god... Palmer could be back in the next game (November 16) against the Eagles.