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Injury updates; Anthony Collins; Chad, T.J. and Andre

Even though Marvin Lewis said that Carson Palmer has a slight chance, he's likely out against Baltimore, which prompts the reoccurring question, "what's the point?"

Robert Geathers and David Jones left Pittsburgh with hyperextended knees while Frostee Rucker suffered a hamstring injury.

Anthony Collins had six offensive snaps before Thursday night's game. Note: I think he's a keeper. Jayhawk fans take notice.

The offensive line came through, writes C. Trent -- I'd argue that not opening running lanes doesn't constitute as "coming through." However, because of the much improved performance by the line's pass protection, aided by quick drops, the Steelers picked up their first sack with 1:11 left in the first half -- it was their only sack.

The Bengals "'B' team made it entertaining for a couple of hours".

Save for Big Ben, most Steelers think that Crocker's hit deserves a fine. Whatever.

"We know we're not going to bully our way out of Cincinnati. It's going to be Mike Brown's way or no way at all. It's going to be up to Mike Brown. He's going to decide whether or not Chad's going to be with the team in the future and we're going to basically take a low-key approach to that."
- Drew "Oil Slick" Rosenhaus

Houshmandzadeh won't make the Pro Bowl because of the team he's on.

Chad Johnson not showing up isn't one of the reasons they lost Thursday. Chad Johnson not showing up is one of the reasons the Bengals have nine losses this season.

Andre Caldwell is the younger brother of Reche Caldwell.

Solomon Wilcox with Marvin Lewis after the game.