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Benson's production down, Chad staying through 2009 (at least, supposedly)

To Stay, to leave, to be demanded. Last month we realized the free agency class for 2009 is relatively weak, assorting a group of backups and aging players. A guy like Cedric Benson, young with fresh legs, finishes strong he could find his value severely inflated after teams look to restock the position. In order for his value to raise, he can't bank on his lone 100-yard performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars, nor can his production be limited to under 10 yards a quarter, like six of the eight against the Eagles and Steelers.

Eagles Carries Yards Long
1st Quarter 6 7 3
2nd Quarter 4 7 3
3rd Quarter 6 14 13
4th Quarter 3 5 4
Steelers Carries Yards Long
1st Quarter 8 18 4
2nd Quarter 2 9 7
3rd Quarter 1 1 1
4th Quarter 5 7 4

Making plans for 2009, includes Chad Johnson. For those of you that dream of Chad Johnson wearing another uniform, it's crashing bad. Reports surfaced Sunday that the Bengals expect to keep Johnson for next season. Johnson is still be squeamish for a trade, with sidekick Oil Slick making modest rounds acknowledging that little fact, and Johnson made the same trade-me reference in an interview with the Philadelphia media.

We suspect it has more to do with his lack of production, than anything else. There's no way the Bengals will get another sweet deal like the one offered by the Redskins, though these reports could merely be a tool to drive his value once teams call with interest. His production is below career-lows, so his value is clearly dropping, with age being a powerful factor in the NFL. We also disagree his lack of production is based on just being on a bad team. T.J. Houshmandzadeh is clearly picking up where he left off, and guys like Johnson are meant to propel a team when the starting quarterback goes down. He's essentially value-less.

Going wide, wide, wide, not at all. Jerome Simpson is frustrated after he made the trip to Pittsburgh after Chad Johnson was sent home, like a bad little child. Because of an injury that listed him as doubtful, Simpson didn't even make the initial trip.

Is this the worst team in franchise history? (I've seen those teams, and record or not, this is not the worst team). Anyone else notice the hypocrisy? Matt Cassel and Palmer chat. Marvin Lewis as 49ers Defensive Coordinator (TKO would love that)? Anthony Collins exceeded expectations. Norman Chad on Chris Henry. Rituals for Willie. Ravens dominate Eagles.